Our Story

Gretel and Sam co-founded Casu, with co-founder Matt joining soon after in 2022. In mid 2023 the official Casu app was launched in Brisbane, and we have been growing ever since!

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Sam's lightbulb moment
Sam worked for a boutique joinery business throughout his uni studies and the idea came to him after working in his first corporate job. He had a month off before starting a new role and he wanted to be outdoors and earn some cash before returning to the desk. But, there was no where online that he could easily find work as a casual employee on a flexible basis.
Sam brought this problem to Gretel
Gretel has a background in start-ups and small business, and she instantly knew they could build something to solve this! But she also knew, thanks to her post-grad law studies, Casu would need to facilitate casual employment between workers and businesses to avoid the classic gig-economy pitfalls and enable a seamless experience.
Enter Matt who had the experience and technical skills
Matt was able to bring the app to life. He created a marketplace that not only connects businesses and workers, but takes care of the administrative tasks that go with casual employment (namely, onboarding and payroll). Now the app is live and available on the Apple and Google Play app stores!

Matt Booth

Gretel Wilson

Sam Clarke

One app.

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Connecting casual workers with businesses.




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